E-Coat & Submersion Applications

NO CLEANING required with our ADJUSTABLE E-COAT racks

Magic Rack” E-coat Racking System

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This is an adjustable racking system made for e-coat applications. Grounding is maintained through the rack using high strength spring stainless steel to hold up to many cycles of uses and burn-off processes.


Magic Rack® MP racking systems use a patented spring torsion wire form and square tube to connect multiple tiers. Electrical conductivity is re-established each time a pre-painted crossbar is inserted without removing the racks from the line for cleaning. Painted horizontal bars can be adjusted instantly to hold different parts for maximum line density. No bolts. No welding.

  • Connection tubes, open on both ends for draining, can be welded as close as 3″ on center to hold the maximum number of crossbars allowed in a rack.
  • Heat-treated, stainless steel torsion spring wire forms absorb stresses from handling for maximum durability, and withstand up to 800° burn-off temperatures.
  • Standard 40-3 / 4″ width provides maximum density on 48″ standard hang points with 30° inclines and declines. Custom rack widths available.

CAD Capabilities

We utilize 3-D Design software to give our customers the best possible solutions. Using .step files (and others) allows us to build virtually in full scale, showing EXACTLY how a rack will work with your part before the first production cut is even made.

view some of our CAD work »


1) Greater density for more profitability
2) Better part control
3) Maintain electrostatic ground
4) Wash penetration and drainage
5) Positioning parts for the “Class A” surface
6) Minimal to zero blemish
7) Ease of load and unload
8) Cleaning methods and rack materials
9) Time and labor savings

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